At KYE, we approach every new product opportunity uniquely by evaluating the Canadian pharmaceutical landscape in an integrative manner.  Simply achieving approval alone does not bring value to our medical community. This is why from the onset of every project, our experienced team synergistically assesses a product’s potential in the key pharmaceutical pillars of regulatory affairs, product supply, commercial opportunity, and market access, as early in the due diligence process as possible.  With this approach we identify both opportunities and barriers to success in all pillars simultaneously.  In so doing, we can then avoid delays and introduce needed new medicines in Canada as quickly and as economically as possible.   

Cultivating collaborative relationships with our partners is critical to achieving mutual success and is fundamental to our organization.  KYE believes strongly not only in leveraging our existing network of global associates, but also in cultivating new partners to support longevity of our respective businesses.   KYE specializes in in-licensing (natural health and prescription drug products), offering expertise in the Canadian landscape from registration through to commercialization and our integrative approach leaves us well-positioned to bring value to our partners, Canadian patients, and Canadian healthcare professionals. 

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